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Current Residence: Osaka,Japan
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto,Ash & Pikachu,Luffy.
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So yeah, there are several story ideas I have but very little time to execute properly, and I've been hoping that someone would take interest in them. So here are the links, if anyone is interested in one of them, please PM me!





KilalaPanVerse: Spectrum Shift by JDMiles
KilalaPanVerse: Spectrum Shift
And here's my entry for the KilalaPanVerse! I originally planned on using Photoshop… But sadly computers been acting up so I had to resort to colored pencils...

Anywho, here's his bio:

Name: Spectrum Shift

Nicknames: Shifty

Gender: Male

Parents: Prism Bolt & Princess Iridescence

Species: Pegasus/Alicorn/Changeling

Orientation: Bi-sexual

Special Talent: Can replicate any type of love when he transforms, be it family, just friends, or lovers, he can easily replicate it without hypnosis.

Personality: Cunning, manipulative, and very competitive, but also very sweet and caring towards those he trusts.

During the Grand Galloping Galla, Iridescence had grown bored of the festivities and quickly took the form of someone else to avoid the Nobles, Pandora noticed this and tricked Prism Bolt into flirting with her, saying that she had been "checking him out all evening".

Iridescence, thinking he was just another arrogant noble decided to play along… right up until she was about to kiss him, Eerie then walked back into her original brown form to scare him, thinking he'd freak out like everyone else when she dropped her white and blue disguise, complete with her mandibles showing.

The Princess got her expected "WOAH!" out of him… followed by an unexpected and "THOSE LOOK SO COOL!”

And thus began the weirdest relationship since Twilight and Discord.

Shifty is not above seducing others to get what he wants, having been doing it since he was able to walk and talk, well this is something his mother is very proud of, his father is irked when he uses it to get out of taking responsibility for any of his pranks… specifically ones targeted towards him.

Despite this, he and his father have a very close relationship, due to his extra wings he's capable of keeping up with his father, though tends to exhaust himself when he gets too competitive.

Utilizing both his skills and seduction and the fact that he looks more like a mare, his favorite prank seems to be confusing ponies as to whether or not they're straight, sometimes he doesn't even have to transform to do it. However certain ponies happen soon to be resistant towards his charms… which he apparently likes.

“What's wrong with a little challenge once in awhile? If everything came easy I'd never be able to sharpen my skills!”

Shifty likes to make his mane flow freely like his “Granny Tia”, though his mane-style seems to change depending on his mood at the moment, for example if he's angry his mane looks like a living out of control flame, and if he's depressed it changes to resemble a waterfall, due to this fact his friends tend to tease him by calling him “a living mood ring”.


And that's all she wrote!

Prism Bolt is property of kilala97

Iridescence is property of Lopoddity

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